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Re: Akiri


We will leave this post open for well wishes but respectfully request that his and his family’s privacy be respected at this time.

can we not

A friend linked me to a news article about him shortly after the accident. They found it because his real name is listed in the credits (I personally wouldn’t put my name out there)

The difference between me and others… I didn’t post the link everywhere trying to get everyone to see.

Mad props to Akiri, I hope he recovers quickly and I’m glad that the suspect was apprehended (which he said in the thread on FR)

When people complain about down time, this is pretty much all I think about. Most people have other games they play, or other hobbies they can partake in. If Flight Rising goes down and you claim you are literally without ANYTHING to do, I suggest:

1) Get a life… for real, not for sarcastic.

2) Imgur is a fun place to visit to see funny stuff and even get referrals to other fun online stuff.

3) Mental Floss… there’s a ton of really cool facts and articles on some really weird topics that you might not otherwise think about. I used to get sucked into that website something fierce .

4) Bathe, Do Laundry, Vacuum, Mop, etc. (this should be higher on the list, admittedly)

5) Work on dragon bios, clan information, and breeding lists, graphics, etc if you’re into that sort of thing. You can still access your clan lair if you remember your ID # (or have it in your recent history)

THE SITE WILL RETURN GUYS. SRS. IT’S OKAY. TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY TO BATHE, READ STUFF, AND HUG YOUR (INSERT SOMEONE). Outside can be a pretty swell place to go too from time to time ;P

Every time guys. Every time. This recent downtime finally pushed me to say something about it. When the artists decide to use the site down time to art… and to art something nice for the users… it’s not very nice to complain about how “you didn’t want (insert downtime apparel or familiar here), you would have rather they just worked to get the website up”

The artists are artists. They do not code. They make with the artsy stuff. They sometimes choose to make a little something for us to make up for the down time. They are not coders. They are not security experts. Please stop shitting on them for being generous with their time. They don’t OWE us anything for the downtime but when they choose to do something nice, users shit on them for it and insist that they should’ve been fixing the code when that’s NOT what they do.

(No, there is no swag that I’ve heard of for this recent down time, but every single time I’ve seen us get something from down time… like Speedy, Akiribeak, Scars, etc… I see people say that they should’ve been working on the website, not art, and need to remind people that they’re artists… not coders)



Wow, what a dick. Artificially inflated? We all fucking know that users on FR love to undercut and couldn’t possibly band together to artificially inflate the prices of anything.

I didn’t realize you, as a user, could request a post by another user be deleted and have it actually deleted… especially if it wasn’t breaking THE TOS… not THEIR TOS.

I have so many dragons in my possession that are unnamed… and I’ve owned them for 3 or 4 months now. Do people get equally as jimmyrustled over that as they do over dragons being exalted unnamed? It might as well be the same damn thing in my opinion.

I could care less if my dragons get exalted unnamed, or given a stupid name, or are never named at all. I sold them after all. Once I pocketed dat sweet cash I lost all reason to concern myself over what happens to them. My opinion would be irrelevant.

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